About Us

The woman has many responsibilities, from caring for her family to meeting deadlines at work. And every woman needs a place to escape. Beauty Garden is that place for women. It is an oasis to detox, rejuvenate and relax! Because when you look good, you feel good!

Beauty Garden is a Spa concept that places customer experience above everything. Our level of service is as amazing as our interiors and is designed to make you feel special, beautiful and rejuvenated as you leave our premises.

With lots of treatment space, it is family friendly all are welcome. Our staff is the best bar none and we take pride in keeping it that way We also take special care with your health and hygiene. Our instruments are UV-sterilized and we drape new sheets for every use So, come and visit Beauty Garden in Kannur today and discover a dramatic you!

At Beauty Garden, you’ll receive a warm welcome and a luxurious escape from your daily stresses. Our talented staff of salon professionals gives personalized attention to hairstyling, nails, massage, skin care, and make-up. Beauty Garden recognizes that everyone is different and everyone has different preferences. If you are someone that prefers that we do not massage your scalp or you prefer that we touch your scalp gently, please communicate with us. Please inform us, because we are here to serve you.