In a reception girl needs a perfect image for every situation: the make-up tends to give a natural and light expression, versatile for every moment of the day, for a standard workday, for a meeting, for lunch or wedding. This make-up tends to simplicity and freshness, both of which help us in feeling secure in every situation.

As in magic, even in make-up “the trick is well-made when it isn’t seen”: the make-up is that strategic element that gives value to the natural beauty and lights up the face, without weighing down the features.

Our Make up specialist will bring all the necessary corrections on the face in order to soothe its own features, making the “make-up-non-make-up” delicate and almost imperceptible, avoiding excessively gaudy tonalities and preferring neutral shades, more appropriate for your skin; with this expedient, we will obtain both a simple and astonishing celebrity and model make-up.

A gathering of thousands of people at your wedding reception and nervous about your look?? Not an issue when our bridal beauty parlour is at your service…

Now, transform your look with the finest reception makeup artists who have an experience of years and have handled 1000’s of brides and fashion models. Our beauty parlour’s mission is not only to do a makeover, but to provide you the a complete guidance according to your skin type and features, to help you get an iconic look. We are here to provide you with flawless reception make-up that is sure to impress all who lay eyes on you.

Our leading team of makeup artists deliver you a regal look. We also offer other wedding related beauty services at a very affordable price that can make the entire experience more enjoyable for you!