Henna is a natural herbal powder which is not only used for coloring hair, but also helps to prevent dandruff and scalp itching. It acts as a good conditioner for your hair and helps to grow your hair. … Yes, Henna is good for your hair as well as other things.

Designed to nourish and strengthen hair follicles and remove impurities from the scalp, BEAUTY GARDEN Kannur also invigorates and rejuvenates hair growth.As our warm Oil cascades slowly onto your hair, it provides cooling relief to your scalp restoring smooth and shiny glow to even damaged hair.

For rich color and lustrous shine, treat yourself to our henna hair treatment. Using henna to color hair is a fabulous natural alternative to synthetic dyes , and it's a cinch to get sensational results.

Henna hair dyes yield beautiful shades of red with no harmful chemicals. While pure natural Henna grants just one color, red, a little experimentation with timing and the use of other natural products .