Hair Cut

Cutting hair is both a science and an art. The trick to maintaining healthy hair is to trim your hair every couple of weeks for the gents and every couple of months for the ladies with longer tresses.

By trimming our hair we can keep the tips of our hair healthy. By doing so, this helps to get rid of any dry ends and split ends and this will help your hair grow healthily.

At Beauty Garden where we pride ourselves by getting to know our customers and striving to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction, we provide a comprehensive range of hairstyling services by our dedicated and experienced team of stylists here at Kannur.

Our extensive team of hairdressers and stylists pride themselves with keeping up with the latest trends and are always striving to constantly improve themselves to ensure that our standards are never compromised. Our hairdressers and stylists provide a range of different cuts that include but not limited to short hair designs and creative cuts. We also offer snazzy and quick men haircuts here at Kannur.

Do approach any of our friendly staff for a more comprehensive understanding of what we offer.